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Surveillance Solution

Surveillance Solution

The integrated solution provides features and services are optimized through cooperation with various solutions. Based on an open platform to ensure the efficiency of the system expansion and integration.

Surveillance solution image.

VA All-in-One packaged

Samsung SDS VA for Surveillance

The integrated solution provides features and services are optimized through cooperation with various solutions.
Based on an open platform to ensure the efficiency of the system expansion and integration

Solution Configuration
VA All-in-One solution Configuration
Major Highlights
Open Architecture Support for integrated environment

Metadata provides a variety of structures VA (Video Analytics) solutions (object recognition, face recognition, etc.)
Interface with an available and supports a wide variety of VMS (Video Management System) associated with possible international standard protocol.

Extensible Architecture Effective support based on business

Heterogeneous VMS, object extraction solution as to provide interoperability via the API is to integrate as much as possible to accommodate the VMS system built with minimum cost to the existing image analysis architecture. In addition, Samsung SDS Video Analytics for Surveillance leverages API provided in the solution by applying the Metadata management and system architecture, which can be analyzed to meet the customer's business requirements.

Enhanced search capabilities provide reliability in complex search

Characterized by image storage element for the pre-defined analysis Samsung SDS Video Analytics for Surveillance solutions for the object detected by the search is only possible to search various and conformally in accordance with the user's purpose so as to ensure a high reliability of the search It provides functionality which allows.

Provides of Visual Query functionality for user convenience

Provide the ability for users to intuitively search provides the user's convenience by searching the search condition difficult to represent a text line in the image, and to take advantage of the improved accuracy of the search criteria.

Map-based tracking results available

It shows the results of the camera detected by the search condition based on the map provides an actual detected conditions based on the prediction information as a search result that contains the virtual path of the expression vehicle.

Providing statistical data on key events

When you select the camera detects the search criteria you can find daily, weekly, monthly main event status and output of the camera

Main Feature
01. Real-time Monitoring
Real time video monitoring and playback
Location-based camera support people-based search
Custom Area bookmarks
02. Map Based Topology View
Map-based real-time video monitoring
Map-based search services
Convenient monitoring along the path traced
03. Post Analysis
Event & object statistics report
Real-time report by refresh period & interval
04. Event/Alert
Real Time alarm
Real-time information transmission to smart devices
01. Object Recognition
By analyzing the camera image in real time, and Motion detect the object that tracking, sorting
Main event detection though Monitoring business efficiency
02. Face Recognition
By analyzing the camera image in real time, Black list for face recognition and matching, alert notifications
Providing far as possible apply face recognition security in the city
03. License Plate Recognition
Efficient and arrest of wanted getaway car through a car number plate recognition
01. Complex search
Increase the reliability and accuracy of search results through a complex search function of the event /object
02. Visual Query
Video Search for based on GUI
03. High Performance Tracking
Tracked vehicles and people moving path prediction
Fast track data through the CCTV footage
04. Anomaly Prediction
Abnormal behavior prediction models developed using GUI tools
Multi-camera-based composite event
01. Event Handling
Real-time event status information send
Fast delivery status via the mobile environment support
02. Event Control
Sharing Event proceed
Type of event processing, processing contents recorded
Depolyment Examples
Safety City Pilot in Moscow, Russia

Public safety services, housing safety services, educational facility safety services

Security Control in High One Resort, Republic of Korea

State-of-the-art intelligent analysis, Integrated control center, High-performance facility surveillance equipment

Unmanned Security System for Correctional Facilities run by the Ministry of Justice, Republic of Korea

Surveillance and Detection System, Automatic Access Security System, Integrated Control System